Over the course of 12 years St. Hubert's Studios has evolved from its original vision of sculpting head carvings inspired by 19th century black forest wood carvers of Brienz, Switzerland into introducing a full line of unique one of a kind artifacts that pay homage to the sport of hunting and its place in history. St. Hubert's Studios now offers original Black Forest restored hunt pieces signed and dated by European royalty, lost wax bronze sculptures for naturally shed antlers and we can create one of a kind pieces for hanging or furniture pieces that can add a touch of history to your home.

St. Hubert's Studios can take your horns or choose from a wide selection of shed horns to design new pieces that embody the original old world designs. In addition, we have relics from the 19th century that can be incorporated into new pieces.

Explore this site to find galleries of one of a kind pieces that will complete your vision of adding an old world feel to your decor.

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